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Lake Life Wealth Advisory Group

Expert Advice For A Well-Planned Future


Welcome to Lake Life Wealth Advisory Group


Lake Life Wealth Advisory Group, LLC is a fee only comprehensive financial planning firm based in Chicago providing advisory services including insurance review, budgeting, retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning, investment allocation and portfolio management. We also provide student loan strategies for young professionals

Lake Life Wealth Advisory Group was founded to help people needing fee only comprehensive financial planning advice.  Many clients come to me seeking help with cash flow planning, budgeting, strategies for saving for a down payment or a wedding.  Other clients need help with significant student loan debt, and can't get started with a financial plan until they address this issue. Some need help saving for retirement, or needing advice on what they can spend in their retirement years.  The first step is usually to provide an inventory of all of the client's assets, and then determine a strategy to achieve their unique financial goals.

The goal is to establish long-term client relationships because comprehensive financial planning is a process, not an event. It focuses on client’s goals as the core objective, then integrates all areas of their financial life, making adjustments as circumstances change.

The first step is scheduling a brief no obligation call to understand your needs and the services I provide.