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I am a Certified Student Loan Professional

I have been working with a number of young professionals who are just starting out with significant student loan debt.  While I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and a CPA, I did not feel that I had enough knowledge to properly assist clients with student loan debt.  

I decided to pursue the Certified Student Loan Professional Designation to be able to give appropriate advice to people needing financial planning advice that have to address student loans as part of the comprehensive financial planning process.  The program involves over forty hours of instruction and requires that you also successfully pass the certification exam. I have learned so much about the different loan repayment programs, public service loan forgiveness, strategies for tax filing to optimize student loan debt repayment, as well as how to analyze and present different scenarios using proprietary software to be able to recommend an appropriate strategy.  There are less than 100 advisers nationwide that have attained this designation, and I would be happy to assist you with developing an optimum strategy for choosing a repayment plan, deciding whether or not consolidation makes sense, or if refinancing may be the best option for you.  

In addition, I have been contacted by clients who have children who are considering taking out student loans, and are looking for answers on which loans would be the best option for financing their college education.

Please contact me if you need answers regarding your student loan debt.  Many clients are trying to purchase homes, plan weddings and save for retirement, and until they address how to handle student loans in the context of their comprehensive financial plan, they feel like they cannot move forward. I would be happy to help you out!