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A Financial Strategy Session typically covers three financial planning topics in detail.  The Financial Strategy Session includes a ½ hour phone call and a 1½ hour meeting between the client and the advisor. A 30-day follow-up window for both the advisor and the client after the meeting via phone and email is included at no additional charge. These services are offered to clients that only need assistance with three topics as opposed to a comprehensive financial plan on an ongoing basis.

Everyone has their own issues, but typical questions may include:

  • Am I on track to retire at 65?
  • Can you help me to make the best 401(k) selections?
  • What should I invest in?
  • I am becoming a partner in my law firm.  Can you help me to calculate estimated taxes?
  • What is the best strategy for saving for a down payment?
  • Should I pay off my student loans before saving for retirement?
  • How much house can I afford?
The investment in the Financial Strategy session is $995, with half due upon the return of the Project Agreement, and the remainder due at the beginning of the appointment.  If you sign up for a Standard Retainer within thirty days of your Strategy session, the full cost will be applied to the Standard Retainer.