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          What To Do After Graduation

On Your Way Program For Young Professionals

This service is for young professionals who need financial planning advice for selecting investments, reducing student loan debt, saving, and buying their first home. This program is for young professionals with a combined gross income of at least $150,000 who do not have substantial assets, but have many questions about getting started with investing, saving, budgeting, reducing debt and purchasing their first vehicle or home. The fee is 1.5% of gross income as reported on the prior year tax return, and can be paid on a monthly basis or in one annual fee. This includes two ninety minute meetings per year, which focus on tax planning, goal setting, saving, investment and other immediate financial concerns. It also includes ongoing financial advice via email or telephone for the duration of the engagement. This is ideal for people who expect to have many changes in their financial situation after graduating college, and need help along the way. This is a stepping stone to a standard open retainer agreement. Once the Client's net worth exceeds their gross income, the client would be expected to switch to the standard open retainer agreement, as the Client's financial situation would increase in complexity and require more meetings throughout the year.